High Voltage Ceramic Chip X7R Capacitors 500VDC – 10000VDC

High Voltage Ceramic X7R Capacitors

X7R capacitors are manufactured with dielectrics that are considered “temperature stable” and fall into EIA Class II materials. X7R dielectric materials are ferroelectric and offer higher capacitance than Class I materials, however, the capacitance change is limited to +/- 15% from -55°C to +125°C. These capacitors are suitable for blocking, bypassing, decoupling, filtering, and frequency-discriminating circuit applications where Q (low loss) and stability of capacitance characteristics are not critical.

Circuit Functions, Inc. manufactures capacitors that take advantage of the properties of X7R dielectrics, and provides several high temp capacitors and high-voltage capacitors which are ideal for demanding applications such as aerospace, oil, mining, and more!