200˚C High Voltage Leaded Ceramic Chip Capacitors 500VDC – 5000VDC

Ceramic High Temp Capacitors & High Voltage Capacitors

Circuit Functions manufactures high voltage capacitors and high temperature capacitors which exhibit stable performance across an extended operating temperature range of -55°C to +200°C. Available with ultra-stable Class I, NPO and stable Class II, X7R dielectric materials, these high temp capacitors deliver high performance at extreme temperatures.

Designed to withstand a variety of applications that require high-voltage capacitors in demanding environments such as oil exploration, avionics, automotive industries, industrial equipment, and high-temperature electronics, Circuit Functions’ line of high temp capacitors and high-voltage capacitors will exceed your expectations.

200°C High Voltage Leaded Ceramic Capacitors


High Voltage Leaded Ceramic Capacitors